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For the Farmers By the Farmers 

LCB Fertilizers works with the technologies of biotech, nanotech and chemical engineering to develop unique and crop specific and microbes rich fertilizers. 


Why LCB Fertilizers?

The most trusted organic fertilizer Brand

With Navyakosh, farmers can utilize the benefits of organic farming while boosting productivity and sustainability.

33% More Yield

Increases profit



Enhances crop growth


as per your soil needs

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100% Organic

Eco friendly

Reduces Fertilizer Cost

Cost effective

Govt Approved

ICAR and IIPR recommended

Our Expertise

We understand our customers and technology

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Crop Specific 


Our crop specific fertilizers are tailor made to meet the unique nutritional needs of different crops ensuring optimal crop growth and high yield

Farming Advisory.jpg

Farming Advisory

Our crop advisory services offer personalized guidance and recommendations to farmers based on their specific crop cultivation needs

Joint technology development .jpg

Joint technology development 

Through joint technology development initiatives, we address the evolving needs of farmers and improve farming practices

Organic Waste management Solutions.jpg

Organic Waste management  Solutions

Our organic waste management solutions offer sustainable and eco friendly ways to manage agricultural waste and turn them into valuable resources

Explore Our Products


Make your plants and soil healthy and happy

Navyakosh is designed to enhance crop growth and soil health naturally.

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Navyakosh Fertilizer Pack.png

Flower Booster

Grow beautiful and strong plants in your garden.

Give your flowers the boost they need with Navyakosh Flower Booster.

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Soil Activator

Give new life to your soil and grow plants.

Navyakosh Soil Activator promotes nutrient absorption and root development.

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Cacti and Succulents

Grow strong and healthy sacti and succulents.

Navyakosh Cacti and Succulents fertilizer promotes resilient growth and water retention.

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Explore More about us

Crop specific Fertilizers

Crop Advisory For Farmers

Joint technology development

Technical Guidance To Farmers

Partnerships and Collaborations

Environmental Sustainability

Why Choose Us

Superior Crop Growth

Experience remarkable crop growth and higher yields with our nutrient rich fertilizers

Eco Friendly

Choose sustainability with our eco friendly fertilizers, crafted from organic materials

Govt Approved

Our government approved fertilizers are certified for quality, safety, and effectiveness

Cost Effective

Our fertilizers offer a cost-effective solution for farmers, delivering exceptional results

Our Network

Huge Network

Huge Network

Serving in 9 States of India

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh

Prayagraj | Kushinagar | Auraiya | Mahoba




Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh




Daltonganj (Medininagar)


Amitabha Bandyopadhyay  IIT Kanpur.png

Amitabha Bandyopadhyay || IIT Kanpur

LCB Fertilizers is a success, but not at the expense of its connected farmers. Their profit comes up with the motto of taking everyone together and sustaining a better cause.

BilapKetan Paul  Director Naireeta Services & SGIF.png

BilapKetan Paul || Director Naireeta Services & SGIF

LCB Fertilizers focus on the farmers requirements in designing their sustainable and quality products.

Dr. Sandeep Tiwari.png

Dr. Sandeep Tiwari || REC Director & Principal DCE Darbhanga

The wide range of products offered at LCB is commendable. They are launching new innovations every year to help benefit the farmers, especially in the state of UP, Maharashtra.

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