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About LCB Fertilizers

CEO of LCB Fertilizers Akshay Srivastav on the set of Josh Talks

Our Story

Our journey began in 2020, driven by a passion for sustainable farming practices. Despite facing challenges along the way, we persevered and achieved significant milestones.


From humble beginnings to becoming a leader in organic fertilizers, our story is a testament to our dedication and resilience.

Our Mission

​At LCB Fertilizers, our mission is to revolutionize agriculture by providing farmers with sustainable and eco-friendly solutions that enhance crop yield, promote soil health, and contribute to a greener planet.


We are committed to pioneering innovative technologies and practices that not only meet the needs of today's farmers but also ensure the well being of future generations.

Mr. Akshay Shrivastav Founder of LCB Fertilizers giving Navyakosh fertilizer packet.webp
Achievements of LCB Fertilizers and its Team
LCB Fertilizers is recognized as a Top Startup at GBC 3.0




Manufacturing units across the country



Across the nation we serve farmers



Collaborate with over 20 growth partners



Our skilled team ensures results



Satisfied Customers who trust us

Our Growth Partners

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation partner of LCB Fertilizers

Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Pradan Foundation growth partners of LCB Fertilizers



Narita Services Bhungroo growth partners of LCB Fertilizers

Bhungroo | Narita Services

Ernst & Young growth partners of LCB Fertilizers

Ernst & Young

Paani Foundation growth partners of LCB Fertilizers

Paani Foundation

Bhoomi Farms growth partners of LCB Fertilizers

Bhoomi Farms

Impact of LCB Fertilizers

LCB Certifications

Akshay Srivastav

CEO, LCB Fertilizers

I think agriculture is the ultimate solution for the growing world. That’s why I believe in making organic fertilizers. It will eventually help us big time for sustainable economy.

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 Akshay Srivastav Founder and CEO of LCB Fertilizers
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